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Black Forest is Alive and Well

There’s just nothing like living in Black Forest, Colorado.  Black Forest captures what many see as the ideal rural lifestyle, with all the modern conveniences just minutes away.  For decades people have chosen to buy land and build in this large area instead of neighborhoods with HOA’s,  wall-to-wall homes and tiny lots.  Much of Black Forest is comprised of two-to-five acre tracts of land for building, which is large enough for some elbow room, but not so costly as to wipe out your building budget.  Land prices start around $130K for treed lots, and a bit less for those tracts on the grasslands.  For many, this region of the Front Range is the ideal prescription for a perfect place to live: home, view, land and a feeling offered in precious few other Colorado locations.

125+ square miles means choices galore

Black Forest is a huge area;  any two or three Colorado Springs or Denver suburbs would comfortably fit in its borders.  Relax, this fantastic place is by no means “built out,” with many premium parcels of land and homesites available and thousands of remaining untapped acres.   Check the listings below under existing homes and land.  Choose from land in the trees or on the grasslands.   The views are incredible and just about unavoidable here.

The 2013 Fire and an Unexpected Benefit

Many remember the Black Forest Fire in the national news a few years ago, so I’d like to touch on that briefly.  Most importantly, the fire did not burn all of Black Forest by any means.  It followed “fingers” as it was blown to the north over those terrible days.  It was a heartbreaking and difficult time for all of greater Colorado Springs.  The impact on wildlife was significant, though many animals were able to escape into adjoining unburned areas.  The entire region came together to save and shelter domestic livestock in untold acts of heroism.  Around 500 homes were destroyed as were innumerable trees, but thousands of other homes and a great deal of the acreage remained untouched. The rebuilding efforts have been spectacular, with a tremendous percentage of owners back in brand new homes on their land.  In many western woodland fires, the burned out residents pack it in and don’t rebuild.  Not so for Black Forest, with a high percentage deciding to stay.  An unexpected benefit of the fire has been that in some places, sweeping views the entire Front Range have opened up, prompting many to purchase and build on those lots in particular.  The vegetation is already coming back, and a good percentage of the burned trees have been removed, with work actively continuing to this day. The ten year drought, which caused the rapid spread of the fire, has eased considerably.

Who Lives in Black Forest?

Just as before the fire, Black Forest remains very popular and has a diverse population, including young families just starting out who want their kids to be able to play in the woods or even have a horse. Retirees and those still working are well represented here; Black Forest is also popular with executives, plus the civilian and military workforce at the US Air Force Academy.

Land, Wells, Electricity, and More

You will need to consider a well and septic for just about any home build in Black Forest. I regularly walk my clients through this process. Costs can vary from under $10K to over $30K, depending on well type and just how deep we have to go to create a reliable well.  No worries here, we’ll have a very good idea of what that will cost before the drill ever hits the ground.  Electricity is readily available along most streets in the area.  Natural gas is available in some locations, and you can chose from many LP gas providers servicing those areas without gas. Cellular service is present in most of The Forest, though spotty in places. The Front Range of Colorado has a problem with swelling soils, so I always recommend an expansive soils study on any lot you’d like to put a contract on. The good news is that, generally, Black Forest has fairly good soils.  Though just like any place in Colorado,  it can save literally tens of thousands of dollars to check soil conditions before closing on that gorgeous piece of property.

Black Forest, Colorado Existing Homes and Land

Black Forest Custom Home Build on Burned Lot
Black Forest Custom Home Build on burned lot

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