Finding the Right Colorado Home

Is there an order or proven process to find your ideal Colorado home?

Over the years I have observed that the happiest home buyers tend to follow an order or priority in considering and choosing their new home in Parker, Colorado Springs, Monument, Perry Park – in fact, any Front Range neighborhood. The results of that observation are fascinating.  From the initial stage, to actually moving into the new home, the order of weighing the main factors looks like:

City → Area→ Community → Features and layout→  The Perfect Home

What you may find interesting is that the “home” itself  is the LAST thing on the list. What? The structure itself is not the most important consideration? No, in fact this has been borne out time after time in Colorado Springs and most other housing markets as well.  OK, you may say, Well why is that?? Because houses are just wood and brick, sheetrock and stone, wires and pipes, systems and structures. They posses no heartbeat, no charm or even character on their own. This is the part we add, the human element. Until you the buyer or me as the agent add the context, love and life to a home, it is just a building. Houses can be moved. Few are truly one-of-a-kind or unique. Amazing plans exist just about everywhere. Great features abound. This is why the house itself ends up being the most common and easiest element to decide on or duplicate. Therefore, the question of “WHERE,” takes on a new and far deeper meaning than just “what part of town.” This transition in thinking happens as soon as buyers seriously begin to place themselves emotionally and functionally into that awesome house they just looked at.

Then it dawns on you: When it comes to homes, the where matters as much as the what just about every time.

This is seen playing out something like this: A person finishes their initial research on the Internet and physically starts looking for a home.  People get out of the box and find things that exceed their expectations sometimes in areas they’d only mildly considered. Or, that area they were so sure of ends up disappointing for one reason or another. And area is only one of many factors that have suddenly become very, very important. This is why I have met people who need to move, but have hit a wall in their new home search.  They have seen plenty of houses, some amazingly close to their ideal. But something is not quite right. Overwhelmed, they took a break and put the whole thing on the back burner.  Or worse, a family was fresh in town, didn’t fully understand the where factor I am examining here, and made  a huge mistake when they bought the first house that seemed to work for them.  (I hear this more often than you may believe.)

This is where an expert helps.  I  listen carefully to all that you want, not just details on the new home, but your concept of the community or land you want, your lifestyle, children in sports and where, preferences in schools, in short – the universe of things that contribute to your overall quality of life.  If you are not quite ready to move, and are simply doing homework,  you’ll never find a more patient Realtor to aid in working through the research. If you are ready to go now and quickly need answers to specific questions, we will work at that more rapid pace. I help to ensure that your focus stays objective and sharp. Once we know the where and the what, I do my job: I work hard to help you locate the best mix of all of those factors that bring the greatest sense of a complete home ownership experience. I’ll bring up things that you may not have thought of, just to ensure we get it right. Good decisions don’t have to be complex or even take a long time, they just need the nurture of truth to grow into something closer to where you want your life to be. That is what I call an OUTCOME, and the best possible one at that.

This is about so much more than “just another house.”

Better than that, it is about you loving where you live. And if we can do that, well then….we have won.

That’s why Greg Tomlinson really is the choice of savvy home buyers.