Examples of “going it alone” when buying your Colorado dream home

When buying something as important as a new Colorado house or even acreage for that custom home, knowledge is critical.

Having representation when buying is your right.  It can also be a pretty good idea. On the opposite side, here are just a few examples of not having true representation, or “going it alone” in a Colorado Real Estate Transaction:

  1. Walk into a model home sales center by yourself and sign a contract to buy a home. You are NOT represented.
  2. Call an agent listed on a sign in front of a home and make an offer on the house by yourself. You are NOT represented.
  3. Buy a house through an agent describing himself as a transaction broker. You are a customer, only. Not truly represented.
  4. Working with the listing agent only, you buy a home or piece of land over the internet from out of state? You are NOT represented.

Again, and as I seek to clarify throughout this site: in modern real estate, the listed home’s price is just about always structured in advance to pay your agent’s sales commission.  Meaning, your Buyer’s agent.  That person you “hire,” working in the capacity of representing you.  That’s why I say, “When buying a listed home, it does not cost you a dime in commissions to have the finest in representation with Greg.”